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Review: Goldilocks & the Three Bears (Sound Ideas) - 16.12.22

Sound Ideas can always be relied upon for a great show, and particularly excel when it comes to musical theatre, but with Goldilocks, they’ve shown they’re also extremely adept at a proper family pantomime too.


Led by the terrific trio of Holly Graham in the title role, Zac Sowter as Joey the jester/clown, and Dan Smith as the fabulous Dame Betty Barnum, this pantomime is a reminder of the high standards you can achieve through sheer talent and creativity, rather than having a big budget to fall back on.


The foundations the three of them provided with their superb vocals, comedic ability, and pure likeability, meant that the show was always going to be a winner, but they were backed by a small yet mighty supporting cast.


There was a wonderful villain - a rather dashing but dastardly ringmaster, wielding a whip and some fantastic facial furnishing, who also had a great set of pipes on him too. The three bears were charmingly played, and the actors were clearly loving their costumes too. And the excellent musical numbers were helped along with the aid of a talented troupe of dancers. It was a compact cast, but a huge performance.


Costumes and set were a wonder to behold, aided by creative backdrops and lighting design. The sound too was very precise, and the mics never once faltered. It all added up to a thoroughly professional and joyous pantomime, and one which I would highly recommend to anyone, particularly those with young children.


Sound Ideas’ panto offers a brilliant, budget-friendly alternative for parents this year, which in the current climate, is just too good a proposition to ignore. It continues until the 30th December, and tickets are available via


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