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Alice Through the Looking Glass - Strange Fascination Theatre (30.07.2023)

Despite an apparently tumultuous beginning to their tour of Alice Through the Looking Glass due to inclement conditions, Strange Fascination appeared anything but weathered on their excursion to Cromer.

Even before the show began properly, the audience was being entertained by cast members Arianna Gasperini and Tanya Wylie, as they mingled with families, playing silly games with them and running around causing a general commotion as The Basics.

And this air of child-like mischief ran solidly through the show like a stick of rock, with the superb company of four actors, completed by Jessamy James and Strange Fascination Co-Director Simon Michael Morgan, never failing to raise a laugh or a smile with their joyful silliness as they gave us a loose interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic book.

While I would suggest the show is suited to children at the lower end of the age range, there is plenty in this exuberant production for everyone to enjoy. My particular highlights were the hilarious Humpty Dumpty (he’s not an egg), and a random cameo from Louis Mutton, both of which were aided by wonderful costume/prop design and excellent comedic skill.

There was no real set to speak of, just the strange imagination of Strange Fascination to guide us through their topsy-turvy world through the looking glass. And what a wonderful jaunt it was. Alice Through the Looking Glass continues at outdoor venues across East Anglia until 25th August. Please do give this weird and wonderful company your support.

Remaining dates in August are:

  • 6th at Hoveton Hall (1pm)

  • 12th at Hunstanton Lighthouse (11am & 2pm)

  • 13th at Plantation Garden, Norwich (6pm)

  • 15th at Thorington Theatre (7pm)

  • 19th at Carlton Marshes & Nature Reserve (1pm)

  • 24th at Newmarket Memorial Gardens (2.30pm)

  • 25th at North Walsham Memorial Park (2pm)


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